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Clean Break Order in Divorce: Ensure a Clear Financial Slate

What is a clean break order in divorce? – Understanding key terminology.

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Complications arise in divorce. Not only is it an emotionally challenging period, but the terminology can be confusing and make the entire process more difficult.

What precisely constitutes a Clean Break Order in divorce, and moreover, how does it impact both the process and the final outcome?

Let’s take a look.

What Is A Clean Break Order In Divorce?

A Clean Break Order is a legal arrangement that aims to sever financial ties between divorcing spouses. It ensures a clear and final division of assets and financial responsibilities.

It’s especially useful for those who don’t have many assets to divide because it still offers a definitive severing of financial ties.

A Clean Break Order offers protection from claims against future assets, including inheritance or unexpectedly receiving money or assets.

Is A Clean Break The Same As A Financial Order? 

A Clean Break Order is a type of financial order that dictates how finances are distributed after a divorce. If the order outlines a “clean break,” it is considered a clean break order.

How Long Does A Clean Break Order Take?

The timeframe for obtaining a Clean Break Order can vary depending on the type of assets and number of assets that are to be assessed. 

The timeline for financial orders typically relies on the complexity of finances and mutual agreement play a role. 

For a more accurate estimate or to discuss your own case, speak to our team.

Do I Need A Solicitor For A Clean Break Order?

While it is possible to attempt a Clean Break Order without legal representation, it’s highly advisable to consult a solicitor. This is particularly crucial to ensure that all aspects of the process are handled correctly and to mitigate any potential complications that may arise.

Much of the complexity in the divorce process lies in dividing assets and organising arrangements for children. Ensuring that all legal aspects are appropriately addressed, professional guidance reduces the risk of complications.

Is It Possible To Challenge A Clean Break Order?

Clean Break Orders are legally binding, but challenges can arise in exceptional circumstances. 

Seeking legal advice is crucial, especially if you believe there are grounds for challenging the order.

Do I Need A Clean Break Order If I Remarry?

Financial orders are an important part of the separation process. Remarrying doesn’t automatically sever financial ties from a previous marriage. 

A Clean Break Order offers a fresh start and financial independence in your new marriage. This legal document is pivotal, ensuring a clean slate and freedom from past financial ties.

What Is The Difference Between A Clean Break Order and A Consent Order?

Whilst both aim for financial resolution, a Clean Break Order specifically severs all financial ties, providing a clean slate. On the other hand, a Consent Order outlines the agreed-upon financial arrangements between parties.

What Is A Clean Break Order In Divorce? – Get Help From The Experts

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